The Next Generation of Cold Chain Tracking Technology

With a deep know-how in pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics and professionalism in IoT technology, m2cloud is committed to improving productivity, efficiency and safety in the entire SCM(Supply Cain Management) process throughout our products and service.

m2cloud IoT + Blockchain

m2cloud SCM applying Blockchain technology enables transparency between untrusted partners and traceability throughout production processes.

m2cloud technology


m2cloud IoT system is the 1st official IoT security system in Korea certified by KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency)


m2cloud SCM(Supply Chain Management) provides a secure and transparent management service with IoT and blockchain technology.


Highly automated and fully wireless technology without complex installation or packaging improves operational efficiency.

IP on WSN(Wireless Sensor Network)

Internet is the most reliable technology for data communication. By Applying Internet Protocol(IP) on m2cloud BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), direct internet connection between the sensor node and cloud server is made, and thereby delivering operational efficiency with a highly automated, fully wireless and lossless technology.

Secure Device

Secure Cloud

End-to-End Internet Connection

Secure Communication

m2tm-1 : Wireless Temperature Sensor Tag

m2tm provides visibility for individual package delivery and item-level asset management by being placed in the corresponding package.



– Fast, simple & secure setup via NFC

– Dual mode BLE operation

  • 1. Beacon mode : real time monitoring from smart device
  • 2. Connected mode : download logging data in memory

– Ideal for monitoring and tracking temperature sensitive products Real time alerts and data monitoring via internet with m2cloud gateway devices

m2track-1 : IoT Gateway for in-transit

m2track-1 having the features of GPS, Bluetooth, 3G/4G, QR code scanner and printer enables efficient supply chain management across the entire logistics process by automate monitoring and tracking technology


m2sn-2 : Wireless Temperature Sensor node

Ideal for the continuous measurement and data logging in cold stores, refrigerators, freezers, and coolers

– IP(Internet Protocol) on BLE is applied which enables reliable data communication between server and sensor node

– Detachable temperature buffered prove is provided for temperature sensitive products such as vaccine.

m2gw-2, Gateway : Bluetooth data cloud relay device

m2gw is a compact, versatile cloud relay device delivering sensor data to the cloud directly.

– Wi-Fi / LAN

– Bluetooth

m2cloud portal

– Monitoring the entire logistics process through m2cloud dashboard.

– Rule engine for alarm setting and tracking of shipments, data visualization and analytics

– SMS alert to registered number if a deviation occurs

“The most convenient and efficient monitoring solution”

Monitoring & Logging & Automation

For safe and efficient product management, it provides a logging function that monitors the storage and transportation status of products remotely in real time and stores the measured data in memory.

Live monitoring

Real-time temperature and delivery location monitoring

Data logging

Data stored in memory, transmitted to the server via wireless connection


When it arrives at the destination, it automatically sends the logging data of the memory to the server

How We Use Technology

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